Monday, December 10, 2018

Why Couples Plan to Have a Winter Wedding?

May to September is commonly considered the peak season of weddings since the weather is a combination of warm and sunny. The warmer months represent full green grass, trees and chances of raining will be less. So, winter weddings are gaining more popularity because of the weather. Hence, we’ve collected a list of top reasons why you should consider tying knot at this beautiful season.

Snow on the day of wedding

If you’re lucky to receive a dusting of snow on the beautiful day, your wedding photography and videography will make your day look like a winter wonderland.

Did you know that dusting of snow on the day of a wedding is considered an indication of prosperity and fertility?

Romantic Evenings

Dress up your wedding venue and get the climate going from the moment dusk sets in. You can make use of fairy lights for creating a whimsical setup and don’t forget you are capable to dress up exterior trees as well.

Make use of candles to light walkways outside by keeping your budget in mind.  

Spend your money further

Selecting a winter wedding date provides you a great bargaining chip with your wedding suppliers. Winter isn’t assumed as great wedding season, so you’ll find your wedding suppliers have enough availability.

More Availability

In case you’ve set your heart on a wedding venue you’ll hardly locate it easier to get a Saturday date.
It’s not difficult to book your wedding venue in case you have decided to get married midweek. Your guests will locate it effortlessly to get accommodation and may plan to have a short winter break.

The Holiday Season

In case you get married during Christmas and New Year, you can see that numerous people have taken leaves, i.e. enjoying Christmas holidays, so if you plan to fix a midweek wedding then it will be better.

A wedding during New Year’s Eve would be very special; you can’t find a better way than this to start your New Year and married life. Definitely, winter isn’t simply Christmas even you can plan to get married at the time of Valentine’s Day since it still has a wintry theme.

Mulled Wine by the Fireside

Winter weddings signify you will have the chance to find the best season-suitable and magnificent wedding venue. We’re considering castles and stately homes which contain big hallways along with grand open fireplaces. Just imagine how gorgeous they would look during this period.

As your guests come to the reception, don’t hesitate to serve mulled wine in the warm. In case your wedding venue has a Christmas tree, it looks beautiful.

No Need to Depend on the weather

In case you’re marrying in the winter season, you don’t have to worry about whether it will rain, hot or whether it’s cold. Your aim should be on creating a high-class indoor photography and videography wedding.

It’s a bonus in case you get snowfall on your wonderful wedding day. However, the plus point of a winter wedding is that you’re not dependent on the weather.

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